Swarovski crystal and grey pearl bracelet with silver heart charm

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Χειροποίητο Βραχιόλι με κρύσταλλα Swarovski

Χρώμα:  light blue azore,light rose and violet- and 8mm light grey pearls 

Μέγεθος:  20 εκατοστά 

Μέταλλο:  Ασήμι 925

Nickel and lead free /hypoallergic

Φτιαγμένο στην Ελλάδα


Brand-new handcrafted sterling silver bracelet made with  genuine Swarovski elements.

Beads used:  8mm round  facet beads in three very pretty colours all with Aurora Borealis effect-light blue azore,light rose and violet- and 8mm light grey pearls were used for this bracelet.There is a sterling silver heart charm accented with clear crystals in the midddle.The size of the bracelet is 7-7,5".Please look at the photo to appreciate.

Handmade.Made in Greece.



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